Hi there! We are the Oral English class of 4th of ESO and yesterday we had the honor of visiting The United Nations Informations and Communications Center, a base of the United Nations (ONU) located in Quart de Poblet. During our visit, the staff was in charge of explaining us so many interesting facts, not only about the organisms and what they do (like UNICEF or ACNUR) but also about how their buildings work: solar panels, "free cooling", rainwater harvesting tank for landscape irrigation...

We learnt that the UN is a necessary international organisation because, even though they can not create or impose any rule or policy to any country, they create guides with good advices for the countries to follow. The main purposes of the UN are four: to maintain peace throughout the world; to develop friendly relations among nations; to collaborate to help the poor to come out of poverty, combating hunger, disease, illiteracy, and to encourage respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of all; to be a center that helps nations to achieve their goals.

We were told why and how the international organism started and which countries form part of UN. Some of the workers explained what they did there and how is their everyday work. We discovered that, because of the kind of base that we have here in Quart (Informations and Communications) most of them were Telecommunications Engineers.

It was particularly interesting to learn about their sustainable development goals for the Planet and their objectives to transform the world. We also discovered that, for a few hours, we were standing on international territory, because the UN locations do not follow the rules of the country they are in. Also, we were amazed with the videoconferences room and fascinated with the great explanation about the space debris (space garbage) that we humans are leaving not just in our beloved Earth but also in the space. 

In conclusion, we learnt that countries must be associated in order to create a better world. But now, each one of us, what can we do to create a better world?