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Aquesta entrevista feta per Mauro García (5é de Primària) va ser la més votada de classe pels seus companys/companyes per a ser publicada.

Hello Carolines community!
This is the most voted activity done in 5th of Primary, during an English lesson called “my interview”. Pupils have voted for the most interesting interview done to parents or friends by themselves. We hope you'll like it.

I interviewed my Mum and Dad.
By Mauro, 5th of Primary.
    1.    What are your names?
    2.    My name's Mariana and my dad's name was Miguel Àngel.
    3.    What do you think when you're alone?
    4.    Sometimes we're bored and unhappy.
    5.    What did you like to be when you were younger?
    6.    My Mum wanted to be Teacher but my Dad wanted to be Cooker.
    7.    Which was your favourite trip?
    8.    Our favourite trip was when we went to Costa Rica.
    9.    What's your favourite sport?
    10.    My Mum's favourite sport is Basketball, and my Dad's favourie sport was Tennis.
    11.    What's your favourite food and colour?
    12.    My Mum's favourite food and colour is rice and blue.
    13.    How tall are you?
    14.    My Mum is 1'60 metres, and my Dad was 1'80 metres.
    15.    Why don't you like to say your age?
    16.    We like to say our age!
    17.    Who are your bestfriends?
    18.    My Mum's bestfriend is Estrella, and my Dad's bestfriend was Jose Enrique.
    19.    Had you got boyfriend or girlfriend at school?
    20.    No, we hadn't!
    21.    Thank you Mum for answer my questions.
You're welcome, Bye bye.