Últimes places per a Infantil 1 i 2 Anys!!


On Tuesday, 12th of February the classes of 3rd and 4th of primary went to see the play called “Tarzan” in the Paiporta Theatre.

The play was about a man raised by gorillas called Tarzan and his friend Chita, who meet two human explorers Jane Porter and Mr Clayton. After being taught English and falling in love with Jane, Tarzan is tricked by Mr Clayton to show him his family, which he captures and puts in a cage. Chita frees them and they scare Mr Clayton away. Jane stays with Tarzan in the jungle.

The play was very fun for the kids. They enjoyed dancing and singing along to the songs, as well as volunteering for some scenes and helping the actors. It was also educational, as the actors taught English not only to Tarzan but also to the little ones.